A Cloud-based ERP Software for Importers & Drop Shippers

LYNX integrated platform leverage the user to ship more than 100,000 orders daily

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LYNX ERP Dashboard

Untangle the drop-shipping challenges with LYNX

We understand the drop-shipping challenges, LYNX IS THERE TO TAKE CARE OF THESE CHALLANGES!

LYNX is a cloud-based automated system that enables the user to handle and process
large volumes of daily online orders, inventory and invoicing.

LYNX ERP Sales Order Automation

Sales Order Automation

Integrated with multi-channel e-commerce merchants via EDI. No more manual Sales Orders.

LYNX ERP Purchase Order

Purchase Order

Create Purchase Order based on Sales Trend. Landed cost calculated automatically when PO Received.

LYNX ERP Pricing Automation

Pricing Automation

Define prices for each Marketplace. New SO created automatically based on defined prices.

LYNX ERP Automatic Stock Push

Automatic Stock Push

Marketplaces get real time inventory feeds automatically. No need to provide stock levels manually.

LYNX ERP Automatic Back Order Management

Automatic Back Order Management

LYNX will take care of all the Back Orders. It also notifies when stocks are refreshed about its fulfillment.

LYNX ERP Stock Allocation

Stock Allocation

Now you can Allocate your existing stock and Reserve In-Transit Stock Quantity for Marketplaces

Integrated Marketplaces

LYNX offers automated inventory and invoicing using integration channel with leading Marketplaces.
Real-Time communication ensures availability of inventory for fulfillment is key strengths LYNX will bring to any organization.

EDI Integration with Bed Bath & Beyond
EDI Integration with Best Buy
EDI Integration with Canadian Tire
EDI Integration with Costco
EDI Integration with Cymax
EDI Integration with Giant Tiger
EDI Integration with HomeDepot
EDI Integration with Leon's
EDI Integration with Linen Chest
EDI Integration with Loblaws
EDI Integration with Lowe's
EDI Integration with Newegg
EDI Integration with Overstock.com
API Integration with Shopify
EDI Integration with Staples
EDI Integration with The Shopping Channel
EDI Integration with Walmart
EDI Integration with Wayfair
LYNX ERP Automation Tool

Nurture Your Business with Automation

LYNX is the tool to Improve Business Process which is Complemented with its Automation capabilities.

Sales Order Automation
Marketplace Automation
Automatic Cost Management
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LYNX ERP Integration Management

Integrated Management System

Now with LYNX, you don't need to buy multiple subscriptions. LYNX provides a unique integrated management solution for businesses.

Purchase & Sales Management
Pricing & Stock Management
Accounts & Workforce Management
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LYNX ERP Notifications

Notifications for informed decisions

In LYNX notifications are designed to keep you and Marketplaces up-to-date about key factors which are paramount for any business operations

Stock Running Low or New Stock Arrived
Payables & Receivables Follow up
Workforce KPIs for monitoring

Analytics - Now with Informed Decisions, grow your Business

In LYNX, analytics are designed to complement the decision making process related to Purchase, Sales, Stock Allocation & Reservation, Accounts Payable & Receivables, Price & Stock Management for the Marketplaces, Workforce Performance

LYNX ERP Current Sales Tends

Sales Trends

LYNX ERP Determines Purchase Requirements

Future Purchases

LYNX ERP Automates Inventory Management

Inventory Management

LYNX ERP Current Sales Tends

AP & AR Trends

LYNX ERP Determines Purchase Requirements

Staff Performance

LYNX ERP Automates Inventory Management

Fulfillment Trends

Experience a smarter way to Optimize your Business

LYNX ERPdesigned for Importers & Drop Shippers

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