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Stock management issues?
LYNX ERP has made stock management simple as ABC

Effective stock management is crucial for any business that wants to operate efficiently and remain profitable. However, managing stock can be a daunting task, particularly when you have to deal with thousands of products, multiple warehouses, and sales channels. If you're facing stock management issues, you're not alone. Many businesses struggle with the same challenges.

One solution that can help you streamline your stock management processes is LYNX ERP. LYNX ERP is a powerful software solution that provides you with the tools you need to manage your stock effectively. With LynxErp, you can:

  • Track inventory levels in real-time: LYNX ERP allows you to monitor your inventory levels across all your warehouses and sales channels in real-time. This helps you avoid stockouts, overselling, and overstocking. 
  • Set reorder points and lead times: You can set reorder points and lead times for each product to ensure that you always have enough stock on hand to meet customer demand. 
  • Manage warehouse: LYNX ERP allows you to manage Aisle/Bin locations and track inventory levels across all of them. You can also reserve stock for customers and monitor stock levels in transit. 
  • Reorder management: LYNX ERP can automatically generate purchase orders when stock levels reach a certain threshold, ensuring that businesses never run out of stock. 
  • Barcode scanning: With LYNX ERP, businesses can easily scan barcodes to update stock levels, reducing the need for manual data entry. 
  • Analyze sales data: LYNX ERP allows you to analyze sales data and identify trends. This helps you make informed decisions about which products to stock and which to discontinue. 

By using LYNX ERP, businesses can optimize their inventory management processes, reduce waste and inefficiencies, and ultimately improve their bottom line. Whether you're a small business just starting out or a large enterprise looking to streamline your operations, LYNX ERP has the features and functionality you need to succeed.

In summary, inventory management can be a daunting task, but it's critical for business success. If you're struggling with inventory management issues, LYNX ERP can help. With its powerful features for tracking inventory levels, setting reorder points, managing warehouse, forecasting demand, and analyzing sales data, LYNX ERP can streamline your inventory management processes and help you operate more efficiently.

Available Stock Status

Track the availability of products Real Time

Reserve Stock

Its easily to Reserve the In-Transit stock

Allocate Stock

Easily Allocate stock from your warehouse

Stock Audit

Easily Track Dead Stock or Stock Aging