Simplified Product Management

Whether its a Standard Product or a Kit Product or a product made in-house, LYNX provide you an intuitive interface with Powerful Management Tools.

Invoicing and Order Management with Online Store

LynxERP's online store offers a user-friendly platform for online sales, invoicing, and order management, providing convenience and efficiency for businesses. Whether customers place orders through the online store or LynxERP software, they can easily download their invoices from the online store interface. This feature ensures quick access to purchase records, promoting transparency and customer satisfaction. Moreover, the seamless integration between LynxERP's online store and sales order module facilitates smooth order management. Regardless of the order's source, it automatically flows into the LynxERP sales order module, simplifying inventory allocation and fulfillment processes. By centralizing invoicing and order management, LynxERP's online store optimizes the customer experience and enhances business efficiency.

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Product Management simplified

Publish Products

Publish Products with sales channels in Real Time

Push Inventory

With One click include or exclude Products Stock

Website Visibility

With one click control what to show on the website

Productivity Tools

Clone Products or Upload Images or Manage SEO