Transforming A GTA-Based Concrete Steps Masonry Business

Elevating a GTA-Based Concrete Steps Masonry Business with LynxERP

The Situation:

Our client, a well-established concrete steps masonry business in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), was grappling with the complexities of managing custom orders, material wastage, and labor scheduling. Despite their craftsmanship and quality service, the business was hindered by outdated manual systems and a complete reliance on paper-based documentation.

Technology Challenges:

The primary technological challenge was the integration of yard staff into the digital transformation process. Most of the yard staff had little to no experience with technology. Additionally, the business struggled with inefficient material usage, leading to increased costs and waste. The absence of a digital system also made it difficult to schedule labor efficiently, affecting project timelines and customer satisfaction.

LynxERP Adoption Begins:

To overcome these challenges, the company decided to implement LynxERP. Known for its intuitive, simple, and responsive UIs, LynxERP offered a promise of not just digitizing the business but also making it completely paperless.

The Solution: LynxERP

LynxERP introduced several transformative features tailored for the masonry business. Its mobile-responsive interface enabled yard staff to update material usage and labor hours directly from their mobile devices, even with their limited tech skills. The system also offered custom order management features, allowing for real-time tracking of each project's status, from material procurement to final installation. LynxERP's scheduling feature optimized labor allocation, ensuring that the right people were assigned to the right jobs at the right times. The transition to a paperless system was the cherry on top, significantly reducing the company's environmental impact.


  • Yard staff were quickly onboarded thanks to LynxERP's user-friendly mobile interface, leading to more accurate material and labor tracking.
  • Custom order management became streamlined, improving customer satisfaction and reducing project delays.
  • Labor scheduling became more efficient, optimizing manpower and reducing idle time.
  • The business transitioned to a completely paperless operation, aligning with sustainability goals.

The Results: LynxERP Implementation Benefits

The implementation of LynxERP was a game-changer for this Toronto-based concrete steps masonry business. It not only streamlined their complex custom order management but also optimized material usage and labor scheduling. The yard staff, initially technology-averse, found the system easy to use, contributing to the business's overall efficiency. The move to a paperless system further established the company as a modern, eco-friendly business.

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