LynxERP: A Game-changer In The Natural Stone Import Industry

Case Study: Revolutionizing the Natural Stone Import Industry with LynxERP


In the intricate world of the natural stone import industry, our client, a leading importer sourcing from India, Italy, and China, faced a unique challenge: accurately tracking each stone crate from the quarry to the customer while ensuring color and texture uniformity. The solution? LynxERP, an innovative tool that offers item serialization from purchase to sale.


The LynxERP system was integrated into the client's operations, particularly in the purchase department in India, given its crucial role in the supply chain. The LynxERP purchase module allowed each crate to be serialized and tracked, fostering transparency and consistency from the quarry to the customer.

LynxERP’s robust features such as multi-currency support, landed cost calculation during PO receiving, integration with the Bank of Canada for accurate exchange rates, customer statements, and extensive sales reports, provided comprehensive solutions to the client's challenges.


LynxERP's multi-currency support, coupled with seamless integration with the Bank of Canada, empowered the client to handle transactions across different countries accurately and efficiently. This integration eliminated complexities associated with fluctuating exchange rates, ensuring the client always had the most accurate conversion rates at their fingertips.

The landed cost calculation feature of LynxERP during PO receiving offered a strategic advantage to the client in pricing their products. By encompassing all costs related to transporting a crate from the quarry to the customer's door, they could achieve more precise pricing, ultimately enhancing profitability.

LynxERP’s sales reports offered granular visibility into the financial health of the company. These reports provided detailed insights into sales trends, customer buying patterns, and revenue streams, enabling strategic decision-making and better financial management.

The ability to serialize each crate with LynxERP was transformative. It ensured every crate could be tracked from the quarry to the customer, guaranteeing additional orders were consistent in color and texture. This attention to detail dramatically increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.


LynxERP's successful implementation revolutionized our client's operations, propelling their business to new heights of efficiency, customer satisfaction, and profitability. This case study underlines the transformative potential of LynxERP in the natural stone import industry, showcasing its ability to enhance business operations.

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