The Power Of LynxERP In Landscape And Natural Stone Business


Our client, a third-generation family business established in 2008, is the go-to destination for comprehensive landscaping needs, offering premium local and international stones. With a 25-acre property, the client has a meticulously organized inventory yard, known for its quick and easy shopping experience. However, several operational challenges were hindering their growth and customer service efficiency.

The Situation:

The client, a renowned landscape shopping destination, was grappling with complex operational challenges. Despite possessing an extensive inventory of premium local and international stones and an orderly yard, they were encountering problems with inaccurate stock counts and a lack of real-time inventory visibility for their sales staff. They were also struggling with the tracking of credited sales. More so, their e-commerce platform was not SEO-friendly, which was causing a dip in their online customer reach. The unique requirement for diverse units of measure (UOM) support was not being met by their existing systems. Additionally, they wanted to offer their customers the ability to purchase products on their website by estimating area or weight. They also needed an automatic system to tag products with a refundable skid. Keeping track of these refundable skids was becoming a significant challenge and they needed a streamlined solution.

Technology Challenges:

The client's previous E-commerce platform, was unable to rise to the unique operational needs of the landscape shopping destination. The platform could not provide real-time stock level visibility, nor could it handle the tracking of credited sales effectively. It was also lacking in terms of SEO compatibility, which was crucial for attracting customers online. Moreover, the platform was not equipped to handle diverse UOMs or to estimate sales by area or weight. The automation of tagging products with refundable skids, an essential feature for the client, was also missing.

LynxERP Adoption Begins:

Identifying the need to overcome these operational and technological hurdles, the client embarked on the journey of LynxERP implementation. LynxERP, with its advanced and customizable features, offered promising solutions to resolve their issues and enhance operational efficiency.

The Solution: LynxERP

LynxERP emerged as an all-encompassing solution for the client's unique needs. Its advanced inventory management system offered accurate stock counts and real-time inventory visibility, enabling the sales staff to work more efficiently and make informed decisions. The sales module in LynxERP provided a robust way to track credited sales, ensuring that no revenue was lost due to oversight or system limitations.

The LynxERP e-commerce store was designed to be SEO-friendly, boosting the online visibility of the client's products, attracting more customers, and increasing sales. The system's support for diverse UOMs and the ability to estimate sales by area or weight provided customers with flexibility and accuracy in their purchases, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

LynxERP came with an automated system for tagging products with refundable skids. This feature simplified the process of tracking and managing skids, a significant challenge the client had faced earlier. Lastly, LynxERP included a rental module, which allowed the client to rent out items from their inventory, thus diversifying their revenue stream.


Following the implementation of LynxERP, the client reported significant improvements in their operational processes. Real-time inventory visibility and accurate stock counts streamlined the sales process, reducing discrepancies and errors. The SEO-friendly e-commerce store improved their online presence, attracting a larger customer base. The features such as the ability to estimate sales by area or weight, automated tagging of products with refundable skids, and the rental module all contributed to an enhanced customer experience, leading to increased customer retention and profitability.

The Results: LynxERP Implementation Benefits

The implementation of LynxERP brought about a transformation in the client's business operations. They reported an improved and efficient sales process, increased online visibility, and a diversified product offering. The unique features of LynxERP, such as the diverse UOM support, the ability to estimate sales by area or weight, the automatic tagging system, and the rental module, all addressed the client's unique challenges. These features, combined with the overall robustness of LynxERP, led to increased customer satisfaction, improved operational efficiency, and enhanced profitability.

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