Transforming A GTA Home Hardware Wholesale Business

Case Study: Transforming a Home Hardware Wholesale Business in GTA with LynxERP

The Situation:

Located in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), our client is a prominent Home Hardware Wholesale Business that has been a key supplier for contractors and large-scale builders across Toronto. Despite a strong market presence, the business was grappling with operational inefficiencies such as inventory mismanagement, lack of real-time sales tracking, and delayed invoicing, which were affecting its wholesale operations.

Technology Challenges:

Operating in the competitive landscape of GTA and Toronto, the wholesale business was burdened with outdated systems for inventory, sales, and financial management. This led to frequent stock discrepancies, which were particularly problematic for fulfilling bulk orders. The absence of real-time sales tracking and timely invoicing was causing cash flow issues and missed opportunities for long-term contracts.

LynxERP Adoption Begins:

To address these challenges and modernize its operations, the Home Hardware Wholesale Business in GTA opted for LynxERP. The decision was influenced by LynxERP's robust features, specifically designed for the needs of wholesale businesses, including real-time inventory management, contract-based sales tracking, and timely invoicing capabilities.

The Solution: LynxERP

LynxERP was customized to meet the unique requirements of a wholesale business in the competitive Toronto market. The inventory management module was configured to handle bulk stock levels and provide real-time updates. The sales module was adapted to track not just individual sales but also long-term contracts, offering valuable insights into customer buying patterns. One of the standout features was LynxERP's timely invoicing, which automated the billing process, ensuring invoices were sent out promptly after order fulfillment.


  • A 40% reduction in inventory discrepancies within the first quarter of implementation.
  • A 20% increase in long-term contracts due to better sales tracking and customer insights.
  • Timely invoicing led to improved cash flow and customer satisfaction.
  • Financial reports were generated in real-time, aiding in effective cash flow management.

The Results: LynxERP Implementation Benefits

The implementation of LynxERP brought transformative changes to the Home Hardware Wholesale Business in GTA. Real-time inventory management led to more accurate order fulfillment, enhancing customer trust and retention. The ability to track long-term contracts resulted in better negotiation and renewal rates. The timely invoicing feature was particularly beneficial, leading to faster payments and improved cash flow, a critical aspect for the success of any wholesale business in the fast-paced Toronto market.

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